Conceptual Xoanxo

Todays Green Field

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present”

(Albert Camus).

“Todays Green Field Series” (a series of more than 70 images) is part of the mobile phone photography instagram project that consists of 2 additional series, “Road Art” and “T5 Art”.

All images from this series were taken at Bishops Meadow, Farnham (Surrey), located a mere 20 meters away from my home. As part of the overall project they represent a point of origin and destination, not only by their earthy essence but also as the point of residence in my daily travels.

This series aims to highlight the relationship between the eternal and the transient in our experience of both. Today’s Green Field is in a permanent flux, just like the river that runs through it, but both can only ever be experienced as today’s, and while eternal in its spatial essence, its ephemeral appearance makes it an unrepeatable¬† expression in time.

If I don’t pay enough attention, today’s green field may seem to be exactly the same as yesterday’s, and while in essence it is, the way it manifests itself is in constant change. Sometimes change may seem subtle, moment to moment, day to day, season to season, but it can also be drastic, and from one day to another even turn temporarily into a lake. Then, as the more familiar green grass lies concealed below its waters, only the memory of yesterday’s green field seems to survive.

Today’s Green Field Series…Perhaps just another life’s metaphor!

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