Conceptual Xoanxo

The Butterfly Series

As the notes of a Spanish guitar turn into beautiful butterflies, a poetic story develops of an Awakening from a lifelong dream.

“Butterfly Dreams” is the illustrated version of “Poetry Dreams, The Poetic Story Of An Awakening”, my first e-book.

In this short story I mix poetry and dialogue with an abstract and surreal scenery in a spontaneous, expressive and free way.

For this illustrated version I produced a series of paintings (acrylic on paper), photographs and photography based digital Art pieces.

This whole project was inspired by the music of Maestro Hernán Ruiz of who, the very next day after our first encounter and his first performance at my Art Studio, near Amsterdam,  I wrote:

“Until yesterday, I knew him as “Argentinian Guitarist Hernán Ruiz”…He was due to perform his first solo CD album in my Art Studio…And then, yesterday it happened…I met him for the first time…But after a few notes of his guitar…I realized that I was experiencing an amazing transformation, a beautiful inner metamorphosis, “Argentinian Guitarist Hernán Ruiz” was quickly turning into “El Maestro Hernán Ruiz”…And by the time the notes reached my soul and took residence…There was only one…There and Then…”El Maestro”.


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