Conceptual Xoanxo

Road-Pavement Art

“The road must eventually lead to the whole world”

(Jack Kerouac).

“The Road Art Series” (a series of more than 70 images) is part of the mobile phone photography instagram project that consists of 2 additional series, “Today’s Green Field” and “T5 Art”.

Road markings and traffic signage is a language of its own. It often transcends many other languages limitations and has the potential of becoming a universal one. But like with any kind of language or ways of communicating, words, symbols, sounds, all change their meaning according to their context, and their content depends very  much on how, when, where and who are they shared with.

There is an element of what could be considered “readymades”, although there is clear intervention and manipulation as I try to establish a collaboration that allows me, by changing their context (extracting them from what many may consider the “mundane”), to open up a whole new world of meaning and understanding.

“On the Road” sub-series shows impressions of my daily travels, including traffic jams, road and surrounding landscape and acts as a bridge between the other 2 series “Today’s Green Field” and “T5 Art”, both interchangeable points of origin and destination of my daily commute.  

While this series plays with the relativity of meaning, context and content, it also attempts to highlight the absolute and universal where inherent beauty too often seems to go unnoticed.


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